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Apr 24 '14


leaving Laverne Cox off of the Time top 100 despite the overwhelming support she received is an act of violence and erasure towards trans women

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Apr 24 '14


ive literally already drawn this before but i dont care

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Apr 24 '14

a, c, a/c


i LOVE writing masterposts for writing reasons so i’m compiling what i see as “significant” text from the book good omens for the purposes of writing aziraphale, crowley, or their conjoined relationship with each other, be it platonic/ queerplatonic/ romantic/ etc.

ive already highlighted my book so at this point its only transferring the quotes on thats the work and maybe a little commentary (that you can totally ignore), hope others can enjoy/ use 

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i reread good omens recently. i noticed that, compared to the well-entrenched interpretations of fandom (crowley is COOL aziraphale is INNOCENT and GENTLE), crowley is actually kind of earnest and a little dorky and aziraphale is subtly more selfish/focused/cunning. i also noticed that, compared to fandom, i liked the book dynamic waaaaaaay more

these are some good reaction images also. a quality read.

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Apr 24 '14

"Aziraphale had learned to gavotte in a discreet gentleman’s club in Portland Place…" Good Omens, page 256

Pictured: a gavotte

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Apr 23 '14



watch this #important


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