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Apr 16 '14


How to Stop Wasting Time Comparison Shopping

Recently, my husband and I wanted to buy some new sheets. But how to choose? Would they lose their shape over the years? Begin to pill?

A friend pointed us to Sweethome's recent sheet review. This was no joke. These testers had examined the cotton fibers under a microscope, washed the sheets multiple times, and even given them a literal smell test to make sure they didn’t have any noxious post-factory odors. We were suitably impressed, and bought their recommended sheets without thinking about it twice.

But the experience left me curious about this magical little site. Who were these people and why were they so serious about sheets? I decided to ask Jacqui Cheng, editor-in-chief of Sweethome and its partner tech-site, Wirecutter, about the work they do and why it matters. A lightly edited transcript of our conversation follows.

Read more. [Image: Alex Farris/The Sweethome]

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Apr 14 '14

look at how nervous these boov are

Apr 14 '14

further notes: they renamed J.Lo?? his name is Oh now? also he does not look nearly worried enough? bullshit
and its in theaters on my birthday ohy god

Apr 14 '14



Take an exclusive look at Dreamwork’s ‘HOME’ characters

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A comedy sci-fi film with a woman of color as the lead!

I THOUGHT this looked like the true meaning of smekday, and BAM, it IS the true meaning of smekday

smek bless us every one

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Apr 10 '14

"Fleece Blanket Dragon Fire Musical Fantasy Soft Blanket or Throw"

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